Omega 3 1000mg

Keeping your heart young


Omega 3 is our highest strength fish oil product,  providing 950 mg of total Omega in one soft gel. Using highly concentrated fish oil, this formulation has 3 times more Omega-3 fatty acids per soft gel (950mg) than the standard Fish Oil soft gels (300mg).

The Omega-3’s (EPA/DHA) in fish oil helps support a healthy heart and supports the maintenance of vision and normal brain function. Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate provides 300 mg of Omega of which EPA is 180 mg and DHA is 120 mg in one soft gel.

The typical diet does not provide enough omega-3 fatty acids to support optimal health. As such, everyone should ensure they consume enough omega-3s through diet or supplements.

AED 32 / month


Is our Omega 3 right for you?


Maintain balance

You are prone to physical or mental stress and want to maintain a healthy, balanced immune response.

Power your heart

You take good care of your heart due to age, lifestyle, or genetics.

Live life on the move

You are physically active and want to maintain healthy joints.

Take 1 to 2 soft gels daily, preferably with a meal, Or as recommended by your doctor, keep it away from children.

Why Omega 3?


Omega 3 Improves glucose sensitivity

Reduce insulin resistance, Improves Cardiovascular, Brain health, and function, Improves Eye health and vision, Improves Lung health & Skin health, Anti-inflammatory.

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