HaKeem Terms & Conditions

Last updated Dec 2, 2020.

HaKeem (“our,” “we” or “us”) respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information they collect.

Hakeem is subject to HIPAA & UAE federal and local laws and regulations, which govern how we may use and disclose patients Protected Health Information, such as medication history, medical conditions, health insurance information, and other personal information we use to provide prescriptions.

HaKeem will process Patients Data, which may include private and personal data, only to the extent and in such a manner as is necessary to provide the Services under the Agreement specified by the company and with the patient’s consent.

All customer data is encrypted from end to end. Every HaKeem team member will be trained to handle HIPAA & UAE federal and local laws and regulations -protected data and we will regularly hire external security firms to validate our security practices.

As a company, HaKeem has never, and will never sell any of our customers’ information.

This website is owned & operated by Hakeem Pharmacy FZE.

By providing your personal and medical information to HaKeem, you agree that:

  • You are authorized to provide that information
  • You are accepting this Privacy policy and any notices that may be relevant to you

If you do not agree to our policies and terms, please do not register, create an account, or otherwise interact with our Services at HaKeem Website(s), or mobile application(s).

Information we collect about you:

  • Personal information: such as; first and last names, email, mobile number, ID number,and any other information that might be needed upon user’s registration.
  • Address information: such as; home address or work address for the patient, in orderto deliver medications right at your doorstep.
  • Medical information: such as; insurance company details, medications taken, medicalhistory, patient prescriptions and any other information that might be needed uponmedical records registration.
  • Payment information: such as; credit card information and bank account information(if needed), will be needed for online payments using 3rd party payment platformssuch as: PayFort.
  • Optional information: such as; information collected from the web browser/mobileapp (IP address, browser language, etc…), such information is collected by automatedinformation gathering tools.
  • All the information collected will be stored in our data centers for an appromix of 25years of the date the patient has signed up into HaKeem.

How we may use and disclose patients’ Protected Health Information?

The following categories describe the typical ways that we may use and disclose patients Protected Health Information without your written authorization:

  • For Treatment.

Protected Health Information obtained by HaKeem will be used in order to

dispense your prescription medications and provide the treatment and services you receive. We may disclose Protected Health Information about patients to doctors, nurses, or other health care providers who are involved in taking care of them. We may also seek Protected Health Information about patients from other health care providers and health information networks. For example, in order to fill your prescription, we may request your medical records from your doctor or disclose Protected Health Information to your doctor.

  • For Payment.

We may use or disclose your Protected Health Information in order to bill and

collect payment for products or services we provided to patients. For example, we may contact a patient’s insurance company, health plan, or another third- party to obtain payment for their prescriptions.

  • For Health Care Operations.

We may use and disclose patient’s Protected Health Information for our day-

to-day health care operations. For example, we may use your Protected Health Information to monitor the performance of the staff and pharmacists providing treatment and services to our customers or to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the health care services we provide

Some personal information is required to give the patient the ability to have extra communication channels, mainly by phone calls, emails, and video conferences. Video conferences will be hosted using HIPPA compliant software, such as Zoom healthcare.

To protect your privacy, note that all the collected information is for internal use only, such information is classified as private information to ensure data integrity and safety.

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