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We could all be a bit more chill. We added Ashwagandha & Chamomile to help you relax and unwind. Along with Vitamin B and Magnesium, it works synergistically to Promote normal function of the nervous system and normal psychological function, Contribute to energy-yielding metabolism, Reduce tiredness and fatigue, 5-HTP promote balanced serotonin levels & L-Theanine to supports a state of relaxation without drowsiness, has been clinically proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, and stress-related food cravings while helping to improve memory and cognitive function.

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How to Use ?


As a dietary supplement for adults, take 1 capsule daily.

Several studies have tied L-theanine to anti-stress and related anti-anxiety benefits. In animal studies, scientists have confirmed it actually increases feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and gamma-amino-butyric acid. L-theanine’s effects on brain waves are said to resemble the effects caused by meditation.

Why is this different?


What You Need to Know L-theanine component is that one of several compounds found in tea leaves and credited with the widely-touted benefits of tea.

The most promising research on L-theanine finds it may have anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits, particularly in people prone to anxiousness.

Several studies were left off of our roundup, as they were poorly designed or funded by companies with potential bias in the results.

L-theanine is considered safe and its side effects mild.

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