We simplify medications management

The first digitally native Telepharmacy platform

HaKeem Health Cloud Pharmacy

Connecting healthcare providers with their patients to simplify medications management from start to finish .

HaKeem Health CloudPharmacy Suite

HaKeem Health is a HIPAA Compliant & 1st DHA licensed Telepharmacy platform was developed by our passionate Technology & Innovation team members and designed to help patients order & refill their medication prescriptions with ease.

Our platform Connects patients to your pharmacy to place orders, process co-payments, manage their medications profile, support, and add location address.

Improve pharmacy revenue & Saving

Enhance customer’ s experience

by reducing patients waiting time in your pharmacies. Also, patients enjoy fast, easy, and better prescription orderingexperience.

Refill management

Our technology made it easy for hospital’s pharmacy to improve customer retention by refilling their prescriptions automatically via our platform.

Out of stock policy

Hospital’s pharmacy can order out of stock items from Hakeem central pharmacy hub and consolidate the order and send it once in one shipment.

Unified medications profile

authorized hospital’s providers will have access to all patient’s medications profile on Hakeem health for better medications management decision making including meds sorting and drug
interactions checkups.

HaKeem Health App

Enabling the health experience of the future that modern consumers expect

We sort your meds & supplements per time of day in small packets.
Deliver them to you, including any other pharmacy items every month.
If you pay cash, we help you save up 80% on your prescriptions.

Package & Delivery (P&D)

Medications Packaging

Improve Medication Adherence & Lower The Total Cost Of Care

Our CloudPharmacy Hub is designed for speed, quality, and scale, making it easy to launch a medication packaging & Delivery

Medication Packaging is the Next-Gen Key to Retail Pharmacy Profitability

Medications Delivery

Our logistics team will pick up & ship to the patient’s preferred address every month. Like talking to a pharmacist?

Order delivery management

Hakeem logistics team will handle delivery services from A-Z. Hakeem medication delivery team will make sure that delivery happens in strict temperature, humidity and light controls as per the manufacturer’s requirements.

Payment Collection

Patients can place orders and payments using our technology. The cash on delivery option is there as well. We transfer co-payments for hospitals every month as per their monthly statements.

Nationwide delivery

Nationwide delivery across UAE which enables hospitals to refill & deliver their patient’s orders and ship it to them anywhere anytime in the UAE

Vitamens & Suppliments

She & He

Get your personalized supplements plan in 5 minutes

Having all your vitamins in one convenient daily pack helps build healthy habits. Making Vitamins Simple for Everyone.

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