Collagen 4000mg & Vit C

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Looking for an addition to your healthy lifestyle that works just as hard as you? Collagen can help boost healthier and well-hydrated skin, as well as support muscle recovery to keep that post-workout glow alive and well.

It supports our connective tissues such as our skin, tendons, bones, and muscles. As we get older, our body’s collagen production decreases, uh oh! But fear not — introducing collagen supplements into your diet can help keep these structures in good shape.

AED 205 / month


How to Use ?


Take 4 tablets every day on an empty stomach. Super Collagen + C.

Collagen is the most prevalent type of protein in our bodies, making it a powerful supplement that can directly support our skin, bone, tendons and muscle structures. When we get older we produce less of this protein, which contributes to some of these structures beginning to break down resulting in those fine lines that appear on our skin or those sore muscles that linger after a workout. Introducing collagen into your diet has been shown to support joint health and keep your skin’s elasticity intact and glowing.

Why is this different?


Collagen is more than just a traditional protein like whey because it focuses less on bulking you up, and more on the building blocks that make you feel good from the inside out. Collagen powder can help support our bodily structures that begin to break down when we get older which can result in those fine lines that appear on our skin or those sore muscles that linger too long after exercise.

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