Pureté Thermal Gel Cleanser

You no longer have to pick between clear & hydrated skin.


The idea of having hydrated skin while treating adult acne or blemishes might feel just a bit far-fetched. But the truth is, it’s possible—all you need is a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin of oils or block your pores.

A rich, lathering gel that effectively cleanses impurities, makeup and pollution from the skin while counteracting the skin-damaging effects of hard water. Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, without tightness. Formulated with Purisoft and 15 Mineral-Rich Vichy Volcanic Water to purify and strengthen the skin barrier.

Deep cleansing gel formula helps to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin from the first use.

Luxuriously dense, transparent lathering gel leaves complexion refreshed and softened after rinsing without stickiness or tightness.

AED 86 / month


What’s great about this gel


Purisoft is a botanical extract from Moringa seeds that helps to reduce the adhesion of pollution particles on the skin surface. The crushed Moringa seeds are also known for their capacity to purify dirty water.

Born in the depths of the French volcanoes and powered by 15 essential minerals, VICHY Volcanic Water is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from exposome factors such as pollution.



Made with trusted, hydrating ingredients

Apply gel cleanser to wet face using circular motions, starting from the chin and moving towards the forehead, avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

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