Acne Drying Lotion Sulfur 10%

So, you’ve got acne? and you have a party tomorrow?


The solution is real and it’s staring you in the face.

When you’ve tried everything on your stubborn acne, it’s time to explore a personalized overnight spot treatment to rapidly reduce the size and severity of pimples. Maximum strength salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, allowing the all-natural drying agents to penetrate pores and treat the infection.

AED 89 / month




The customized acne lotion is a non- prescription-strength treatment that helps shed old, dry skin. It’s normal to see some dry, red, or flaky spots in the beginning.

To help with dryness, you can use a moisturizer, but be sure it’s free of alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other exfoliators that may irritate you. When in doubt, start a dialog with our pharmacists.

Do not shake. Allow sediment to settle. Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying drying lotion. Dip a sterile cotton swab into pink sediment.

Apply to individual pimples. Leave on the skin overnight.

Excessive drying of the skin may occur, limit use to one application daily or as directed by a physician. Not a cover-up cosmetic.

What’s great about this lotion?


When you’re struggling with adult acne, it’s easy to believe it’s because you’re doing something wrong. But you’re not: stubborn adult acne is a medical issue that often needs to be treated with acne products.

Fortunately, you no longer have to make any in-person trips to get it—because the SHE & HE  experience is entirely online, then we ship your order right to your door.


Sulfur 10% , Acne Treatment This naturally occurring mineral can help to clarify acneic skin by helping to shed excess skin cells and fight bacteria.


Camphor,a naturally occurring extract from the camphor tree that when applied to the skin can aid in the reduction of bacteria and provide a cooling effect to help calm and desensitize irritated skin.

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