Eye Transformation Serum

A good tailor can change everything. That applies to your eye, too.


The eyes are an important treatment area to look your best. Eye Transformation Serum, a combination of peptides and extracts that work together to hydrate the skin around the eyes, improve dark under-eye circles, and protect the skin from potentially damaging UV stress.

This lightweight, multi-stem cell, multi-peptide infused complex is designed to protect, hydrate, and nourish critical areas around the eyes. Your eyes will respond with a youthful, healthy appearance helping you look your best.

AED 224 / month


This serum isn’t your
average moisturizer


Serums are packed with smaller molecules than regular creams, so the active ingredients and hydration benefits get absorbed faster. They are also lighter than traditional creams so they don’t block active ingredients, making them the perfect base for a thicker moisturizer or SPF.

Dab the Serum lightly all around the eye area avoiding contact with the eyes.

What’s great about this eye serum  



Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Complex Offering excellent skin rejuvenating benefits and skin regeneration.

Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract

This fruit-derived stem cell culture provides powerful anti-aging benefits.

Grape Fruit Stem Cell Extract

High in antioxidants.

Alp Rose Stem Cell Extract

Helps to recharge skin stem cells and protect cells against UV stress and improve skin tone.

Argireline A peptide

That seems to reduce the severity and degree of wrinkles.

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