LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serum & Conditioner


A professional-grade lash growth serum is available without a prescription.

LashesMD contains best-in-class ingredients for excellent results and safety. A professional-grade eyelash enhancer is available without a prescription. With LashesMD, eyelashes are fortified to highlight the appearance of the eyes.

LashesMD, a lash serum, promotes fuller eyelashes, stronger and healthier eyelashes (and brows!). Our signature eyelash conditioner nourishing formula is specifically designed to help eyelash growth and promote strong lashes. A lash growth serum to love increases flexibility allowing lashes to reach their full potential – strong and full-looking lashes!

AED 261 / month


What’s great about this serum 


A lash growth serum that promotes healthier lashes and fuller-looking lashes and brows in as little as 4 weeks.

Result-driven technology. Unique enhancing eye serum formula, including SymPeptide Xlash, rejuvenating amino acids, and botanicals foster growth and lashes to love!

Eyelash serum pH balanced to be non-irritating to eyes. Paraben and Prostaglandin free.

How to use


Easy to use. Apply this eyelash enhancer once a day, encouraging longer lashes and healthier eyelashes and eyebrows.

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