Hairgrow 5% Solution

Look and feel your best with thicker, fuller hair


Thanks to this FDA-approved minoxidil solution.  It’s clinically proven to regrow hair in 3-6 months, HAIRGROW is a scientifically proven solution hair loss treatment to stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss, working deep down at the root.  Results in men indicate hair regrowth can be visible after 8 weeks of use. It is important that you keep applying your HAIRGROW morning and night so your hair continues to grow. When used twice daily as directed, clinically visible results may be seen as early as 8 weeks.


AED 37 / month



Tackle male pattern baldness head-on with this easy-to-use minoxidil solution.


Rest easy knowing your hair loss treatment is FDA approved and clinically proven.



HAIRGROW 5 % SOLUTION works in 3 clinically-proven ways to revive hair follicles and keep hair looking and feeling thicker over time.

While thickening shampoos coat the hair for temporary results, minoxidil goes deep—absorbing into the scalp for real results.

Wash your hands before using HAIRGROWfor Men Extra Strength solution.

Your hair and scalp should be thoroughly dry before using the solution.

Apply a dose of 1 ml sprays 8-10 times of Hairgrow 5 % solution on the area.

Massage onto the scalp. Wash your hands thoroughly.

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