Biotin 5000mcg

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No matter the treatment plan, the best place to start is somewhere. Hakeem SHE & HE Makes regrowing hair easy. Early action is the best hair loss prevention.

These are vitamins to support thick hair, strong nails, and healthy skin and contain the key nutrients that are good for your heart, nerves, and digestion.

The main benefit of biotin for hair and nails is that it strengthens the hair by stimulating the production of keratin, the main component of the hair and nails.

AED 43 / month


How to take Biotin?


To get the best results from biotin, it is recommended to use it for more than 3 months continuously
Biotin promotes healthy immune system function and plays an important role in skin health.

Take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal, Or as recommended by your healthcare provider, Do not exceed the stated dose.

Fighting hair loss


Biotin is not intended to treat hair loss, but it can deliver nutrients to support a healthy head of hair. Better yet, if you are looking for a complete hair loss treatment plan, consult with a healthcare provider through our platform.

keeping your biotin levels up helps to maintain healthy, shiny hair, Maintain the body’s energy metabolism, Support hair growth, healthy hair, thick hair growth, Smooth skin, firm skin, anti-aging, Nail growth, strong nails

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